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Branding Between The Ears


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This book shook the very foundations of my decades in brand management; and meanwhile the answers were always there, “Branding Between the Ears”. Through a combination of fascinating brain science and rich real-world examples, Dayal reinvents the art and science of brand building. - Gina Boswell, CEO Bath & Body Works; Ex-Chairman, Unilever UK & Ireland

About Sandeep

Sandeep Dayal is the managing director of the consulting firm Cerenti. He advises senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in industries spanning pharmaceuticals, financial services and consumer products.  Global market leaders like Pfizer, Abbvie, HSBC, Santander, Kraft and ConAgra, have been some of his clients. He worked previously for McKinsey and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Sandeep has led a 100+ engagements at over 50 clients around the world in major countries in the US, EU, Latin America and Asia. He is regarded as one of the leading minds in marketing and brand strategy and has co-authored articles in Marketing Management, McKinsey Quarterly and Strategy+Business. As early as in 2001, he correctly predicted that “consumer collaboration” would become a key factor in winning people’s trust online. Many strategies he proposed including viral advocacy and instant decisioning are mainstream today in designing brand experiences.

His latest book “Branding Between the Ears” has been described by some as the definitive advance in the understanding of what makes some brands truly iconic. It draws on his years of experience in working with some of the most successful consumer brands and his company’s proprietary knowledge capital. Sandeep’s current research focuses on Cognitive Branding and Selling, which translates the latest advances in behavioral economics and social psychology into completely new ways for developing modern power brands and driving up salesforce performance.


This book reveals all you need to know to build your own epic brands


Your brand is what peoples' brains make of it. Branding Between the Ears lays out an entirely new approach, based on years of development and real-world testing, that Dayal calls Cognitive Branding, for designing and building epic brands.

He uses the theories of behavioural science to understand how to successfully market a brand, and has used his concept of 'cognitive branding' with top brands like Kraft, Phillips, Unilever and Mastercard to name just a few. That coding and decoding, the mantra for how to make connections in the brain that drive consumers to buy the chosen brands, is the Holy Grail that marketers seek, and Branding Between the Ears delivers just that.

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