This book reveals all you need to know to build your own epic brands


Your brand is what peoples' brains make of it. Branding Between the Ears lays out an entirely new approach, based on years of development and real-world testing, that Dayal calls Cognitive Branding, for designing and building epic brands.

He uses the theories of behavioural science to understand how to successfully market a brand, and has used his concept of 'cognitive branding' with top brands like Kraft, Phillips, Unilever and Mastercard to name just a few. That coding and decoding, the mantra for how to make connections in the brain that drive consumers to buy the chosen brands, is the Holy Grail that marketers seek, and Branding Between the Ears delivers just that.

What is a 'cognitive brand'?

Cognitive brands are the hits they are because they work the way the brain does and are the key for unlocking the sensations of experiences and fantasies lodged in our minds. Cognitive brands are built on 3 major ideas: Brand Vibes, Brand Sense, and Brand Resolve. Learn how each can be used to tap into a different part of the brain and build an epic, memorable brand.

Cognitive Brand Scheme

Book Reviews


Branding Between the Ears should be mandatory reading for brand managers, product managers, CMOs and consumer business leaders. Easy to follow case examples illustrate the importance of understanding human psychology and Why people behave the way they do. In a world where brands and corporations need to have a sense of Purpose to build lasting businesses and motivate their employees, the ethical considerations framework (canonical, categorical, sunshine) should be on every marketer’s desktop.

Chief Client Officer for Citigroup

Titi Cole

Branding is much more than a slick logo and sexy television commercials. Branding Between the Ears delves deeper into the reasons why some brands become cultural icons while others flop.

Nir Eyal

Hooked, Best-Selling Author

In this digital age where consumers are overwhelmed with information and options, it’s more important than ever for brands to connect at a deeper level in order to break through. Branding Between the Ears lays out a compelling science based path to what creates a truly iconic brand - unearthing how market shapers from Google to Guinness to Allbirds have systematically unlocked powerful psychological triggers that embed them into consumer’s lives. And the book gives every business and brand leader a clear and pragmatic path to getting to greatness if they are open to thinking differently about creating the consumer connections that build cognitive brands.

Margo Georgiadis

Partner at General Catalyst and former CEO of Ancestry and Mattel and President of Google Americas

Undoubtedly, a down-to-earth eye-opener! Highly recommended for business executives who want to compete more effectively for the demanding consumer of today. Dayal’s insights, when applied across the board, well beyond the marketing enclave, can have a clear impact on not only the brand but also the customer’s experience of the company and its products.

Jorge Alfaro Lara

Former Head, Consumer Bank, Banco Santander Mexico

This book shook the very foundations of my decades in brand management; and meanwhile the answers were always there, Branding Between the Ears. Through a combination of fascinating brain science and rich real-world examples, Dayal reinvents the art and science of brand building.

Former President, Unilever US Customer Development, and EVP Chairman, Unilever UK & Ireland

Gina Boswell

Brand building is the x-factor that will distinguish tomorrow's unicorns and superstars from the rest. However, the knowledge and skills underlying the development of iconic brands remains something of a mystery. Sandeep Dayal's new book, Branding Between the Ears, is a tour de force for it deftly describes how brain science- psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics- is revolutionizing the art and science of branding and brand building. Entrepreneurs and corporate managers will start with a distinct advantage if the ideas espoused here are reflected in their playbooks.

Ram Shivakumar

Adjunct Professor of Economics and Strategy, Booth School of Business - University of Chicago 

Branding Between the Ears with Sandeep Dayal offers a fascinating insight to the world of branding.  After reading this book your brain will never look at brands the same way again

Martin Lindstrom

New York Times best-selling author of Buyology, Small Data and The Ministry of Common Sense