Why ABBVIE's Skyrizi Ad Is Brilliant

The Skyrizi TV commercial uses the powerful Cognitive Branding principle of "Resolutionary Thoughts" to get its message across. Let me explain how it works:
When confronted with an enigma, the brain triggers System 2 processing to resolve it. This creates an opportunity for the marketers to focus the consumer on their brand proposition. The trick to making this work is to embed the brand message into the solution to the enigma.
So how can "Nothing = Everything?" It can when you consider the fact that nothing left on the skin and nothing in side effects, is everything that psoriasis patients want. Voila! Nothing is Everything!
Often marketers present surreal or incongruous visuals without embedding the brand message into the resolution. That's when it doesn't work. But Abbvie with Skyrizi and Lilly with Cialis hit it right on the money.

[Written by: Sandeep Dayal]